This was my daily desk, editing photos for a client for the first half of the day.

And then in the middle, my darling brought me flowers. Rose of Sharon from our back yard.


Which Wally required to sniff. And lay amongst. And guard.

Naturally, he felt the flowers were for him; a sort of get-well gesture.

I amended my whole day so he could be with me, since he's being monitored for ailments of the paw, and specifically someone needs to supervise him, so he doesn't lick it to kingdom come.

This is so true of life right now. Little splashes of sweetness in the middle of transition and change and tedious, heinous middle work. Lovely, perfect flowers under my ladder, strewn on a half painted floor.

A final note. Look. I grew a thing.

Eeerrtss alliierrvveeee.

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