We have been so blessed this week, to have had friends come and help us push on our house project. Our goal is to be moved in by September 9th so....we're getting close.

My lovely friend Janet, recently returned from Spain came and worked the whole day with me

Interrupted only briefly by a stint of storm-chasing.

Our dear Doug has also spent several days this week helping. Despite headaches and the fact that painting is the worst.

It's challenging to accept help, but I wonder why it should be that way. I'm glad to give help, so why do I struggle to receive it? Are we supposed to feel like we ought to just do everything independently and on our own or is that maybe a perversion of relationship, made by a society that considers true wealth to be framed in how independent we can be from needing anything from anyone else? If we need something done, we pay for it, rather than look to the people in our lives for support.

Not that we ought not do our best on our own. Not that we should go about intentionally creating burdens bigger than we can bear. But isn't the strength of a relationship forged in those moments? When we rely on one another, when we have to trust our friends, when we lay down pride, when we give our time and talents - the best we have - to our brothers and sisters?

Well, anyway, we are so grateful to be learning these lessons and to have the friends we do.