Take a look at these fabulous Student Fashion Photos, Glasgow School of Art




I love symbols. Things that have meaning but which are also subtle seem somehow more personal and individual. This "Sisters" cuff bracelet has the word written out in Braille lettering, which I think is magnificent. I would now like a whole series like this. Not to mention the simple lines are timeless without being boring. Many hearts. 

We lived in Florida for a while, when I was little. I remember a time when my Aunt, all the way in upstate New York, was having a particularly hectic go of things, and my mother, in her usual inventive way, decided to send her a vacation in a box. Which is just what she did. She put together a whole box of things that represented vacation. Margarita mix. One of those little packets of facial mask mud. Some groovy sun glasses. Relaxing, beachy music. It was adorable and lifted my aunt's spirits. She loved it so much that it sort of became a tradition. We did all kinds of air mail parties like that. Recently, while browsing the world wide web, I've discovered that someone else has had a similar idea. Behold; The Survival Kit. For your dear one who just needs that message that says "Here. Drink this. It's going to be okay."