So, life lately can be summed up in drowsy, cornflower roll clouds, the tick and rattle of technology as the business grows and, as I've been able to step one foot out in the last month, it's freed me up to pay more attention to our home life. My sweet AP has been bowled over by this adrenal fatigue and his many allergies, so our diets have taken a radical shift. This means a pretty wild learning curve for me. Not so much because I hadn't known some of this, but because it was optional before. It's amazing the difference necessary makes. And maybe it's a good thing, too. We've both felt better, having made changes. I was thinking I might share some of my allergy free recipes on here soon.

It also frees me up to pick of the thread of thought regarding how our family will grow.

Least of all, but not least in my heart, the projects that have been open and unfinished, which are intrinsically mine.  The artist things.

Specifically, these last two weeks I've been working on The Serendipitous Adventures of Penguin and Bear. This is a children's story I had the idea to write back in 2009. The notion kept at me until one day, on the back of our motorcycle, I took out my (then) blackberry and began writing. Several hundred miles later, I had what amounted to a first draft. This is the story of Francois Bear, a gentle giantheart, alone in the world, and Ava Pengiun, who can find no kindred, because she isn't like the other penguins.  Her clumsy little dreams and his big, generous heart find an unexpected home in each other.

I have about six unfinished projects, and I have gone about setting some deadlines for myself.

Cue the ominous music.

The Serendipitous Adventures of Penguin & Bear was first on the list because it was the closest to being done. Something fun in the last week; although drawing and illustrating has never been a particular talent of mine, I've had a sudden burst of inspiration with illustrating them. I'm still no illustrator, but I will really enjoy doing these drawings, even if (fingers crossed) someone with actual ability sees the potential and decides to join this project later, and do a proper job bringing Francois and Ava to life. I think it will be good enough for now. I'm excited because I want to self-publish it, but also I want to make it into a fun website, where the story is read. I may even record a little sound track. Multi-media fun with all the art things. Here's a stop motion glimpse of a Francois illustration draft I did. I love to see them come alive.

With such a grey and rainy summer (which I love), I can't help but think about Fall, just around the corner. I don't want to rush it. God knows, time goes fast enough as it is. But I've already begun thinking about all of the wonderful crock-pot meals, crafts and activities.

Too soon?

Too soon, but I don't care.