Dear Hours in the day,

I think there are too few of you. I can't say that about everything in this world - like spiders. I don't feel there are too few spiders in this world. But hours in the day, you are far too few. Just a few of the things I don't seem to be able to fit in, in any meaningful volume;

- Holiday Planning. (No, I don't play Christmas music or burn pumpkin candles yet. No, it is not too soon to begin planning, because some gifts and events take time to prepare for. Like Cookie Day.
- Working on my CD
- Heck, my time is sliced into such small slivers, even the things on my master list get only short stints of attention.

The lovely Marissa at her birthday party photobooth in Dallas, this year <3

And, to top it all off, I'm taking on a surprise project this weekend. 😳 Hopefully with the help of my beautiful niece, Marissa! So. That should be fun. But really, H.I.T.D if you could just expand yourself a scoche ....I would be so very glad.

The Girl with The Long List and the Small Clock

Dear Valley,

I have walked through you for long enough. I feel it is enough. I am ready to be through, now. You've taught me some damn good things, but I'm ready to be on the other side. 

Love, the grateful vagabond

Dear American Medical System,

 I don't have time for typing out my entire thesis on what I propose it is that we all need from you and how I propose you go about providing that (please see aforementioned letter to Hours in the day), but I'll say this;

It's not enough to throw guesses at people like darts thrown blindfolded, to pass us around like specimens, to charge us exorbitantly, but expect us to do the legwork and follow up. When I'm doing more research about a loved-one's situation than you are...we should get a discount. When I'm the one calling for follow ups, asking for answers, posing ideas and solutions....we should get a discount. Ask more questions. Listen. Take fewer patients but offer better care. Charge amounts that people can afford. Communicate with your peers who are on a coordinated care team. Take the time to educate your patients. And don't throw big pharma in my face for every little thing and especially not without helping me thoroughly understand what I'm about to sign my (or my loved-one's) body up for. Stop taking advantage of us at our weakest, stop preying on the elderly, pumping them full of pills, muting them to death.

I have met some incredible doctors. I know some people who are headed into the field whose care will be revolutionary to their patients. But American Medical System, you are not good enough.

The Angry Advocate