Spring has come full force, and with it my need to wreath my doors. I've just put several weeks worth of growth pictures and progress notes into one post, for this year.


About a week after planing we started to see the first little signs of life. I'd brought over a grow light and set up in the basement next to the sink


The lettuces sprung up quickly


Then Kale and Broccoli were up


And the Butternut Squash was born humongous. Like how baby giraffes are born nearly six feet tall and weighing around 100 lbs, these guys were just mamoth from the very beginning.


The peppers came up well to start with, also. They took a little longer. Eggplant took longest, but came up strong when it did.


Basil and Broccoli reaching high. I had to make several adjustments with the proximity of beds to the lights, raising and lowering according to plant heights and who seemed to need it. The squash didn't need heat or to be terribly close to the lights. The peppers needed lots of heat from the pads and preferred to be right by the lights. The broccoli was basically fine with whatever I did, although we didn't do heat mats. It seems happy without it, which was also true of the kale, who likes a lot of light but not so much heat. I've read that the heat of Summer makes kale bitter anyway.


My oregano is tiny and slow to grow!


Here's the first little set up, under the grow light .


Baby ranunculus! (I learned that Ranunculus is literally the latin for "Little Frog" because of the leaves") I think the plural must be Ranunculi.


Finally, once we were past the cotyledon stage (the first leaves that come up) and we had some true leaves, things were getting big enough that we needed to do some repotting. Out came the solo cups. It was super easy to just sharpie the names of the plants on the side of the cups. I just had to remember to drill/poke holes in the bottoms of the cups for drainage. I tried adding some fertilizer at this stage, too. Some of them liked it better than others.  The tomatoes are starting to struggle mightily here, and my clumsiness has resulted in devastation for both types of lavender (hot start and cold. Hot start was technically winning, with a few little sprouts, but cold also never really had a chance, since I spilled it while it was still in the fridge.) I've also spilled balloon flowers, and many of my little peppers. I have a few tough nuts holding on, though, and I'll probably start a second round soon.