Lovely Kelsey and I were beguiled by the early Spring weather. We might've been a bit early with our start, but not much. I think it's okay. Better too early than too late, if you have some indoor grow lights to keep your plant babies happy until the weather will hold.


We spread out with our dirt and our seeds and our laptops for researching and making notes about our various plants. We both picked things we wanted to grow and sort of agreed to share when we have overlap. Here is our plant list for the year;

Kelsey used Botanical Interest seeds and planted:
-Balloon Flower
-Butternut Squash
-Mesclun Blend Lettuce

I used Westfield's Urban Farm Seeds and planted:
-Red Russian Kale
-Red Heirloom Onions
-Purple Bell Peppers
-Cherry Peppers
-Whopper Bell Peppers

I planted lavender, which I've heard is challenging to grow from seed. I read about two different methods, one hot start on heating pads and one cold start, where you put the seeds in soil and then put them in the fridge in a zip-lock for two weeks before putting them under lights. We'll do a side-by-side to see which method is best.

I also planted my ranunculus bulbs that I've had since last fall. I'd read that it's good to soak them overnight and then put them in shallow soil to sprout before fully planting, so that's what I did.

I have several other plants to start, but they need me to wait a little bit before I start them. I'll keep an update going here.