When I was a kid, I was obsessed with bed fluffiness.  

In high school I saved up so I could have not only a feather comforter but also a feather bed underneath. When my friends would come over, I washed the sheets in special soap to make them smell divine and then I'd fluff all feathered components until they were aerated and tall, like a feather-bed soufflé. Once fluffed the grand total of feathers stood an impressive foot above the top of the bed. I would save the privilege of "the first flop" for my guest and it became a little legend among my friends, that experience of falling back into the mountain of feathers, like landing in the clouds, clean, and beautiful, with the smell of unconditional love, a million new books and herbal essences shampoo floufing into the air. (My high school idea of heaven's smell.)

I suppose that hasn't really changed. I'm still having a love affair with a clean, cozy bed, deep and nest-like in nature; supportive and warm. 

Recently we bought beds for the kids rooms. Being on a budget and needing to buy two of everything, we bargain shopped on the internet, and, sadly, the reality of the mattress' coziness reflects this.

Thus, wanting our little ones to find their rooms safe and cozy, I have set out to remedy this sad state of affairs. I soon discovered that mattress toppers are super expensive. When bought in duplicate...double ouch. The cheapest option I found (for very little cushion and loft) was $60. I didn't like the idea of just throwing more money at it, so I took inventory. 

What I did have....was an old down alternative comforter for our king sized bed, a sewing machine and me, armed with a possibly-bad idea and a questionable history of sewing prowess.  

I thought; what do you get when you cut a king comforter in half? Two twin...mattress toppers!

As close as I've got to a Bernese mountain dog. He looks ready.  

As close as I've got to a Bernese mountain dog. He looks ready.  

Deciding nothing ventured, nothing gained, I got out my scissors and crossed the event horizon. My main concerns were that I might 1. Create a fluff-splosion from the comforter innards of such epic proportions that it would take a Bernese mountain dog to dig me out. 

Or 2. That my sewing skills would lead to, at worst another (!) broken sewing machine or at the least  a completely ruined comforter/mattress covers/who even can say what it might be? 

 It was substantially easier than I expected.

I solved the Vesuvius of Fluff problem by pinning as I went, which made the sewing process smooth and tidy. And as to my fear of the sewing machine, I think it was unfounded, since I actually have learned how to use the thing. It's just that I spent so long confounded by it that I think I'm still expecting attacks of inexpert disaster to strike. Bobbins to explode. Needles to turn into inexplicable "L"'s. Stuff like that. 

It took me an hour, from first snip to final stitch. Well worth it. And I'm so happy to have not only repurposed an otherwise wasted item, but also to have saved the money.

Now, I'm going to buy egg crates at nine dollars each and top them with the fluffy newly minted DA pads, affix them with buttons inside the already owned non-crinkly waterproof mattress cover and voila! A mess proof, high volume, bed cozifier!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Once I get the egg crates I'll post before/after photos of the beds!



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