I just love my Multiply family. I dearly love spending time with the people who are part of it. 

Yesterday was a prime example.  

We did a technology class at a local retirement community. Now, I think our group is a fun group to begin with.  

But when you add in Cynthia, Rose and the self proclaimed crazy Janet, well...

Things arrive at a whole new level.  

Setting up the projector we needed to move some things around. A picture off of the wall and some knick-knacks. But crazy Janet   wags her finger at Aaron and Ashwin.  "You boys need to be careful. We put some of our dead friends ashes in those! If you drop them...." She lets the thought hang. I turn wild eyes to Rose for confirmation, and she gives me a little shake of the head, but the boys don't see, so they are very ginger handling the finials which they believe are urns. 

Pinterest was my talking point  (which no one is even remotely surprised by) and the ladies already love it. Janet explains "We sit on our porches...." "Because we are neighbors" Rose explains amid Janet's story. Janet nods sagely and continues "right, neighbors on porches. Anyway, we sit and we Pinterest and try to figure out how to make the stuff on there."

"And drink wine!" Rose giggles and then demurs "No. We don't really."

but Janet has her eyebrow up in the air and she mutters "the hell we don't!" Without apology. 

Aaron shows them YouTube. He explains subscriptions but Cynthia folds her arms and says "how much does a subscription cost?"  

When we insisted they were free on YouTube she looked suspiciously at us, the look a mother gives a child she strongly suspects of deceit. 

Aaron says "you ladies could make a channel of your own! Videos of your porch time and projects!"  

Well, they thought that was a hilarious idea, but I think it's a fantastic idea. I would absolutely watch it.  

When Ashwin showed them Facebook, we tried to explain the distinctions between private messages and public ones. "It's important to know what messages go where" he explained, and Janet cut in "how well I know that! Sent quite a few messages publicly by accident" she says with a pained look. 

i just loved spending the afternoon with those ladies. They were fun and happy and full of great questions! It did highlight how helpful just a little time offered can be, to folks who didn't grow up with tech like I did.  I hope we get to go back soon!