I don't know if these will be our children, but these are just a few of the little ones waiting for a family. Right now. Today. Look at them, waiting to belong again. Waiting for someone to come fill the hole that was torn into their lives. Do you see their little faces? If you read this and you're the praying sort, could you pray for them, with me?

But also, I want to share this statistic, which I find astounding....

I know it isn't possible for every single one of us to adopt, but it's possible for all of us to support this cause. The church, the ones who claim to follow Jesus, we should make sure these little ones are cared for and adopted. If you can't personally adopt, you can support the ones who do. And I'm not just talking about financially. Support can be community for parents, it can be a listening ear, an hour of babysitting, a meal, kindness and patience for children who are adjusting and struggling to repair trust that has been broken and compassion for the parents doing work of walking along side a child who has lost too much too soon. And prayer. So much prayer.

Would you burn with me, for these children?




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