We spent our first night on Friday. There's still more to move in - our countertops get installed this upcoming Friday, so we're not cooking there, nor fully moved with kitchen stuff. There's also a small amount left in my old house office, that needs to be brought over. And the dreaded basement. (Heaven save me, then it's cleaning and painting and fixing things at old house. Best not think of that just now. I'm still savoring.)

It comes just in time, too. I'd tried to schedule around these last few weeks, but I've got a bunch of photo sessions coming up and all the good fall things will be happening soon. Kelsey's birthday orchard weekend

Internet comes Tuesday, which will be a gift, because all I've had has been phone. And yes, I can blog on my phone, but it's significantly more frustrating, especially with any number of photos in a post. Plus I for any correspondence I prefer to be on my laptop, too. I fear I've dropped the proverbial ball a bit in that regard. So. That will be nice. And AP can have his YouTube on demand.

I wouldn't call this post final. Far from it. We're having the outside painted. The kitchen finished. Curtains have to go up. But it's pretty darn close. My coffee brews there in the morning, if that says anything.

Sunday morning bed. I know what you're thinking. "Where do Mandy and Aaron sleep, given how much room that small moose takes up?" Yeah. We don't know, either.

Do you remember the magical bench Aaron found for me at Stutz? Well, it's white and I added lower shelves. I used the miter saw to cut them to length and brackets to mount them, then I added a small trim piece to the front, for niceness.

Pantry is making progress. Got a ways to go, yet, but we're getting there.

The dining room table Aaron made me. He even engineered a way for it to have an extension! He salvaged trim details from our old pool table in the basement of old house and used them on the table. I love it madly.

I know this photo seems random, but it's not actually. This is our bonfire clearing and Ashwin was our friend friend to come enjoy it with us! I feel like he should have gotten a door prize. 

I am so very excited about being able to have more people over!

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