We're closing in on the end of the week and believe it or not, we've stayed (mostly) on track. With some help. My lovely friend Kelsey came today, unexpectedly. She's a force of nature with a paint brush in her hand and we accomplished nearly two days worth of things, effectively saving me from being a day behind after yesterday.

Lets not even talk about yesterday.

And then we met up with lovely Angela and walked on the canal and had some good heart-to-heart on top of the world.

At least, on top of Indianapolis.

I'm not sure I have anything to offer today, other than my gratitude for my friends, for how they show up.

OH AND HAPPY SEPTEMBER. Today, it's like the weather realized it was September first and was on board. Let the Autumning commence! (I do not subscribe to the official first day. For me, September is the start of it all)