Today, my dear Kelsey and I threw snacks into her car and hit the road. Two hours flew by as we talked and laughed and before we knew it we were rolling up on IKEA. 

I've been wanting to go for so long, because it seemed like an economical way to obtain some of the house stuff we need. And I'd never been.

It was like wonderland. Leagues and leagues of wonderland.

But that's not what stood out to me about the day. The part I loved best was getting to spend the day with my friend. I think everyone should know Kelsey.

Actually, that's not true. I'm too stingy to wish that, because everyone who knows her can't help but love her. But I hope everyone has a friend like Kelsey, although that's a remarkably tall order. When she's with you, you always know she's really with you. Whether because of her insightful questions, or the open, genuine way she shares the things on her heart. Her easy laugh and the way she cares about other people's stuff. I'm not sure that she knows how glad I was to have her there. I'll certainly have to tell her.  I know it was a shopping trip, but for me it was a lot more than that.

Because I'm getting ready. This house, IKEA, all the painting and doing, it's all Aaron and I getting ready for our family to grow. Our children will join us soon.

And not even just that. In my heart I believe that part of what we are called to is hospitality and creating a home and a refuge where people can land and find comfort and joy, restoration, peace and most, most, most of all, unconditional love. I think that will extend beyond our children.

But this house that we've been preparing, it's the one we've needed to bring the children home. A A while ago, just before we moved into the house we're about to leave, I wrote a post about what each house I've lived in has meant to me. I called 126 our Freedom house; and it has been. It was there we paid off all of our debt. There Multiply was born. It was in that house that I went from being an artist in theory to an artist in fact. We figured a lot out, by way of the hard lessons, and we made some of the greatest friendships.

But that house has had a lot of challenge tied to it, also. Aaron's health struggles. It was our house during my year on the long road with dad.

But this new one, this one that we've already poured a year of work and hope into, before we ever set foot in it, this one will be our growing house.

It will be here that our family grows. And other growth will be here as well. I hope it's here that I learn a little about growing our own nourishing food, here that our ability to be hospitable grows, I hope our health grows and also our peace and joy. I hope our legacy grows here, in many ways. I hope Aaron's understanding of his purpose and value grows. I hope my pile of completed art grows, and my ability to make a home. These are the things I'm praying for.

But it's with all of that in mind that I went to IKEA. With the idea of growing in mind that I picked out the sheets and covers and pillows for our children.

I picked out bedding for our children.

Even though I've known we were on this road for a long time, this was the first time it seemed entirely real to me. These are things for my children. For my family. I'm making my home and my heart ready, because they will be here soon.

I kept thinking over and over; I'm going to be a mom. I'm going to be a mom

I have been praying for them so much lately.

It just meant so much to have my wonderful friend there with me, today. For the joy of her company and to get to share moments which were precious, at least in my heart.

For the record, she's a world class shopper, which surprises me none.

This is our lunch (We had the most delightful, abundant lunch ever) and the puppies who represent us!