Hello from a world where I have tile in my kitchen and my bathroom. ♥️

Let me tell you about the last week.

Last weekend held some real discouragement for us. There were moments where I wasn't sure if we were ever actually going to get the house finished, much less ever move in. I found mysef trying to crumple the lovely visions I've held, into a little ball that I could discard, like so much rubbish in a bin. All those pictures in my heart of sitting on the porch and holidays around a table, having our family grow in that house, fires out under the stars, fall with the breezeway windows open.

And really, it would be okay. It's a house, not a home. If we didn't settle there, I'd make our home wherever we did go. What's important is my family.

But it would be starting over in so many ways. To change courses now would invalidate years of road, walked for a reason.

Well, anyway, as is usually the case, I think everything will be just fine. The contractors started Monday. My champion of a husband has been navigating the whole situation with so much grace. We have working plumbing again, the tile is down in the kitchen and bathroom floors. Monday, they'll clean off the last of the film and start on the tub surround.

Aaron and I made a plan for the breezeway today - he had the coolest idea for over the mantle, and I don't think I'll have to wait for the contractors to be done to get started. It's coming together, bit by bit, and encouragingly, faster now than before. The lawns at both houses are shaggy. Things everywhere are just a little bit paused. But we're getting there.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel.