So close. So close. So close.

I keep whispering it to myself. When I climb off the ladder and lower the roller for yet another time. When my eye cross a little from staring at trim edges so closely. When the hand-cramp comes.

We are almost there. And if we can just push, we will enjoy the loveliest fall in this house.

This week we got most of the breezeway knocked out. My lovely friend Ang also came today and helped paint one of the back bedrooms, which needed another coat on the ceiling and coats on the closet too. I was so thankful for the extra hands.

This man has been the hero of my life this last week, as he's done all the heavy lifting.

Including limbing up some of our woods for this clearing where we shall have fires in the fall. <3

Countertop guys come tomorrow to make our template. I'm planning a trip to IKEA next week and we've been scouring Craigslist. If all goes well with the work ahead of us, I think moving in will commence in two weekends. For sure I'm determined that we be in by or before our one year mark which is *I think* the 9th of September. We've had a little break in the weather, too, where it's just started to feel a little like fall. I'm starting to imagine relaxing in this house over the fall and winter. 

I say relaxing quite loosely, you realize. As there will be arting, and holidaying, autumning, homeing, wifeing, working and




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