White subway tiles surround the bathtub. Water even comes out, when you turn the faucet on.

I know. That's pretty magical.

We're both concerned the grout is going to look dingy very quickly. We shall see. On the plus side, it should also be noted that Aaron's drywall work is outstanding. He's still got a few coats to go. But it's so good.

We also started in on the breezeway. Aaron got it all cleaned out and all the stone painted. You can also see that we primed the floor.

It's already looking more peaceful and more modern.

And now, the trim is getting painted.

We were originally going to fix the fireplace to make it working, but I don't know now if we'll use it as a "working" fireplace, because we like it white so well. We might just make it a "candle" fireplace.

Cabinets are back home in the kitchen and we'll be getting the template done for the countertops soon. Also, painting my bench in the corner. I need to start thinking about some pillows or cushions, too.

Today I painted the ceiling in the breezeway (and did a Lowes run. We are close to having all gas hooked back up so I can do laundry at home again! No more laundromat for me, thank the Lord)

Tomorrow will be a regular work day for me, but Wednesday I'll be back at cleaning and painting; trim, ceilings and maybe my bench.

We're so close.

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