Well, Thursday of the week of madness is done. I got to see a favorite person of mine. She let me steal cookies. That's not why she's a favorite but it certainly didn't hurt my fondness for her. These were gluten free and healthy and also decadent. Photo editing for today's session will be happening over the next few days. 


Tonight Aaron and I just felt like hunkering in. He has really worked his tail off this week. (Or as I like to refer to it "worked with the force of 1,000 winds") and I've had something of a headache. Maybe too much screen time lately.  Sometimes we see how early we can wrap up our days and get to bed. Which, I know, is nerdy and perhaps even a little boring. But not to us. I mean, it's a little weird in the summer when we end our day at 8 and the sun doesn't go down for two hours...but I love these times. We take decaf coffee and our sweet moose of a dog and laugh like kids. We watch all of Aaron's you-tube subscriptions for the day. (Well. He watches. I make colorful commentary) and it's just good. We spend time connected and happy and relaxed. 

So that was the day today, that's the best I have to offer for blog fodder :)