I was up early this morning, which surprised me, because I stayed out "late" last night, after a road trip with one darling friend to surprise another darling friend ensconced Muncie for a medical rotation. But today's main objective was to finally try to stitch together all the footage selections from Ben and Veronica's wedding last month. I guess I must've been excited, because I was out the door early, making a quick stop at the coffee shop and then to my more powerful computer, to do the heavy lifting processing a video require. I essentially haven't moved from my seat the entire day. 

I knew it would come together, but until you start putting the pieces in place, it's just guesswork. Now that I'm seeing it, I am so excited for how it's turning out. Since I'm part planner and part plunger, no matter how much prep I do, I'm always a bit taken aback by the spontaneous adventures my creativity takes me on, from the deep end of the project. 😂 They're usually the parts I like best in the finished project, although they'd be lost in a sea of disorder if not for the planning that underpins it all.

Also, I've been tickled about the merger between my work and Aarons, since he videoed this project with me. I had quite a bit of fun the day of the wedding, tackling the project together. It was a little like a big game, where we had to have our strategy coordinated and a little like a dance in carrying it out. We've always worked well together, that way, but this for me was one of the most fun single projects like this we've done.  Our styles marry nicely (ha. Forgive the tiny pun) but are just a little bit different. That worked out so well with me shooting all of the bride's pre-wedding moments and him shooting all of the grooms. It's like each line of the story has it's own voice, and then, with both of us working on the ceremony and reception, suddenly they're telling the story together. A little like a marriage. His vision was so creative in the shots he got and I can unequivocally say this story will be substantially better, more interesting and more creative because of his contribution.

I did interviews with the bride and groom about a month before the wedding. I asked them questions together, but I also took them aside one at a time, and asked them to share some things with their spouse-to-be. I am so excited for them to see these messages-in-a-bottle for the first time, when they first watch their wedding video. I think this project is going to tell their story in such a neat way.

So, that's been my day. Aaron and the contractors are getting close to wrapped on the stuff I don't know how to do which means I'm on deck! I have three more photo shoots this week, and editing, and then I'm guessing it'll be full time back to the house next a week, getting it painted and punched and then...

starting the move-in process.


Between now and then, I'm guessing the best I can offer are these little daily updates on the projects and the things. Hopefully once I get through that I can resume offering things that are more useful, thoughtful or at least entertaining - more excerpts from projects, recipes (because I'll have a stove and a place to shoot photos and maybe a heartbeat of time...) and who knows what else.

One final thought; sometimes when I work on video projects, even ones that aren't for me - gosh, even just photos and this silly "this was life today" posts...I'm reminded how precious a thing it is to have the ability to look back on our memories. To leave messages-in-a-bottle for ourselves and to remember the small moments. Life is mostly these kinds of things. It's nice to know this record will be here. I hope when it's all added up it counts for something good.