I dove in to footage from last weekend's wedding, today. Some friends asked me how long it would take just to sort the footage and mark sections for use. They looked at me like I'd lost my mind when, in all seriousness I answered five days. "How can that be? You've maybe spent nine hours shooting, once you consider being here for the bride getting ready?" - Which is when I reminded them that we're running four cameras. So that's nine hours of footage....times four cameras.

But it's fun. And goodness, these two are so much fun to see together.

This evening I worked on getting caught up with the blog and some other things. I have my own journaling/notebook system. I work through notebooks start to finish and I was almost done with my current one, so I got a new one today. Now I need to transfer everything over. But I've been hearing a lot about bullet journaling. Some of what they are is similar to what I already do, but I'm thinking about trying to incorporate a few elements of that method into my own system!

Also, how cute are those mugs I found at T.J. Maxx, today?

I love coffee mugs. I hate stuff, but I love coffee mugs. I wanted the Create one. I couldn't resist getting the Darling one for AP, whom I have, after many long years, finally made a convert of. Now, one of the best traditions is our evening cuppa.  But I digress. The mugs. My philosophy on mugs isthree-fold.

1. There is a correct mug for every situation. 2. Mugs should always be bought in at least pairs, so you can share a cup in a true spirit of togetherness. 3. Hand-feel and size are important. Like, if a mug is too little or the handle is to small, it's no good. You can't grip it tight during intense conversation. You have to refill it every three minutes, interrupting important dialogue. On the other hand, if it's too big, it gets cold before you get to the bottom....sometimes...