I can't decide which old saying suits me best at the moment; the one about going backward in order to go forward, or the one about not putting the cart before the horse.

Let me explain.

This is where our kitchen started, when we first bought the house.

This is right before we closed, last September. Note the awesome fruit tiles, the matching curtains and the nicotine tan walls.

Then, I got really excited. I decided there was no reason we couldn't have everything done and be moved in before Christmas.

It was ambitious. Too ambitious.

This is our kitchen today.

You'll notice there's some missing elements.

See, what had happened was...

We didn't originally plan to replace the flooring or the counter tops or the plumbing. I'm not totally sure at what point we looked at one another and said "We should probably just go ahead and do this", but it was some time after I accepted that Christmas wasn't happening, but well before we were a scant six weeks away from the one year anniversary of owning the house.

This is what I mean by go back to go forward. Also, about the cart before the horse.


We met with the contractor today, for a final walk through before the work begins.

This is a good news, bad news situation. He's starting, that's the good part. He's starting a week later than I thought. The not so good part.

Also, disappointing is finding out that our cabinets have to be in and set before the template for our counter tops can be made, which has to happen before they can be ordered, which occurs a full 2-4 weeks before they arrive for installation. Putting us effectively another month further out than I thought. Although I think we can start moving in sooner than that, I was just so hoping to be able to get everything finished and then move in, and for that to occur in the next 4 weeks.

But. I bought caulk. Friends have offered to come help me finish painting, when the time comes. We have new hardware and light fixtures for the ceilings and doors. AP has been over there every day working. And my peppers are growing. 

The point is, we're not just sitting still, no matter how much it sometimes feels like it.