I have been noodling an illustration idea for a while. Two or three months ago I saw this photo of an Iris on instagram. For whatever reason it just reminded me of a dancer. I thought it could be so fun to make dancers, which I have always loved, out of flowers. Originally, I thought about using actual photographs of flowers, merged with drawings of the faces and hands and legs. Maybe I'll still try a version like that, but for now, I've started with some all graphite concept sketches.

I wanted them to be very whimsical - not realistic. I think they could stand to be even a little more fanciful than they are now. We'll see how they evolve.

These will ultimately be in color. What I'll do with them if I'm ultimately happy with the idea and how they turn out...well, I'm not sure. Maybe prints for little girl rooms, or post-cards, or maybe even a picture book. I haven't decided. But they're what I've been working on late at night during AP's youtube time, after it's too late to work on anything necessary or important.

I have several more in mind. I've been making a list of flowers that I think might be good. Queen Anne's Lace (which I think will be a real challenge in the drawing department), Daisies, Tulips...those are some of the obvious ones. I want to do an underwater plant for one.

Do you have any ideas for lovely flowers or plants or anything similar that might be good? Leave me a comment!