Today is the sort of day that usually stalls me when I've taken on challenges like this 90 day blogging challenge. To give you some idea, not only do I feel like I have little and less to say, today, but my time is in short supply, as well. In fact I'm using talk to text as I drive to narrate this into my blog even now, because I don't know when else I would fit it in.

The entirety of my afternoon has been spent fine-tuning my plan for videoing the wedding this weekend, chasing around to make sure that we have the equipment that we need. My brain is been utterly taken up by wiping files off of hard drives and comparing specifications on microphones;  balancing budgets, squeezing pennies.

In the middle of this already bland day, I get a phone call that our van, which broke down last week, is going to cost nearly $200 more to fix than we originally planned. At the store, I put several things back on the shelf. I'm tired and honestly, a little bit cranky. Today isn't the day where I get to show you beautiful sneak previews of the stunningly gorgeous Veronica and her handsome groom Ben. Today isn't the day where I show excerpts of the video that I've caught. I've no illustrations, no laundry soap in mason jars. No instagram photos of somewhere new that I've been. My brain hasn't had the space to write anything creative, or beautiful, or thoughtful. It's been administration and practicality.

Where, in the middle of planning for dinner and trying to decide when I'm going to fit my run in, do I also fit loveliness worth posting about? There's nothing Pinterest worthy about my day today. I don't even have anything I've done in the past ready to go.

So I started to feel a little discouraged about it. But the truth is, I have a lot to show for my day. I did a lot of learning; about my industry, about the tools of my trade and about how to be a better story teller. These are very difficult to illustrate visually, but they're valuable and necessary all the same. Today was a representation of that inglorious mortar between the thrill of starting and the achievement of finishing.

Maybe all of us sometimes feel discouraged by these days that feel so lackluster. But is that really fair?  So what if my day was a little bit plain? I still found some beautiful moments and my little mud-pie day will go a long way toward building something really beautiful on another day.

So, here's to the find-a-way days, the plain ones, the ones that secretly hold everything else in the universe together.

On the door of my #favorite today, Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company, and I think the artist is this guy who is basically my favorite, ever.

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