Dear Durbin W.A. Direbuns,

I've enjoyed doing concept sketches of you this week, as I try to find your face in the grey lines of my pencil. You've been on my six list for a while and I don't know that I'm ready to take you on fully yet, but I wanted you to know you've been on my mind, and at night, while Aaron watches you-tube, I've been working to make your acquaintance. I don't think I've fully found you yet, in these concept sketches, but they're a start.

The girl with the pencil

Dear Basement, otherwise known as The Pit Where Dreams Go To Die,

I find it regrettable to have to spend any time in your company, basement, but as it's my own fault, could we maybe try to make it a little less wracking? I mean, yesterday was atrocious. Zombie mice, antique tea-pots of dubious color and purpose, and letters from my ghosts filled with family secrets. All in the dark, dank wallow of your walls, basement. I don't relish our next encounter, which will be in a scant few hours 😫

With all my dread,

Dear music I listened to in high school,

Having come across mountains of you in CD form whilst in the belly of TPWDGTD (See above) I wanted to comment upon hearing your again, these many long years later. I wondered what I would think of you, now, with refined and grown-up ears. My determination? You are so just as awesome as I remember. A playlist of highlights includes;
Torn - All Star United
Billy Joel - Two Thousand Years
Mezzamorphosis - Delieriou5
To Zion - Lauryn Hill
Slow Like Honey - Fiona Apple
Motownphilly - Boyz II Men
I Love The Lord - Whitney Houston in The Preacher's Wife
 (Also, this, which was the main hit from that title)

A small sampling of sheer awesome, I know 😂. I was highly ridiculed by all of the cool kids who were busy listening to serious musics, like Smashing Pumpkins and Pink Floyd, but I didn't care. I piled you in my 5-disk Changer, pushed play with my remote of awesomeness and partied down.

Thanks for the memories,




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