The Story Inn. It could not be better named. Last weekend I was allowed to bear witness to Heather and Joel's wedding, in this idyllic space.

We visited on Thursday, to get a feel for the space and the light. I met the beautiful bride, Heather and listened to her talk about what was meaningful to her. "All the details here" she says, as she bends to run her hands through a patch of oregano, like fingers on a beloved face. "These are all part of our story." Our shutters fly as she talks, and as the light becomes increasingly golden and good. I ask her if she'll pause and imagine her favorite thing about Joel, the man she loves. This secret smile is what settled on her face after a minute.


I got to shoot the wedding as an assist to the wonderfully talented Corrie Jagger, a local artist and photographer. We spent the weekend giddy and glad for the many ways we are like minded.

I love the way Joel looks at heather.

And how Heather's joy is so rich when she's with her son.

It was most certainly Heather and Joel's day, but I couldn't help being reminded of the many hours and chapters in our own story that Aaron and I have written there.