HPR = House Progress Report

After a long winter, things are finally moving with the house. We've gotten a few estimates on roof repair (after the blessed, blessed hail storm) and may be able to have some tiling and plumbing finished, as well. We still need to get that officially scheduled, but once those things are done, we will be a lot father along.  And in the meantime, we've enjoyed our front porch tremendously.

In general, the things we still have left to do, in no specific order are;

  • Finish running lines in kitchen and bathroom & connect all new plumbing to main in basement
  • Tile the bathtub surround
  • Pull out kitchen cabinet bottoms
  • Tile kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Hang drywall in bathroom
  • Install vanity in bathroom
  • Drink coffee
  • Paint bathroom drywall
  • Install shower curtain rod and accessories
  • Install new kitchen counter tops
  • Finish drywall around kitchen opening
  • Have the garage door replaced
  • Fix the dishwasher
  • Drylock and paint the basement
  • New linoleum in sunroom
  • Paint paneling in sunroom
  • Have chimney fixed so sunroom fireplace can be safely used.
  • Have contractors paint house exterior and repair roof
  • Do finish/trim painting around whole house
  • Drink coffee
  • Clean everything
  • Get furniture
  • Move stuff
  • Drink coffee
  • Drink coffee
  • Drink so much coffee

All of it has to happen before we can move forward with our adoption. I'd want it to, anyway, but it certainly gives some urgency to the project. I would so love to have a sweet face in our home this Christmas.

We recently installed this way cool wall, though, using reclaimed wood that was in the rafters when we bought the house.

It's almost finished now. I love it desperately. Oh. And, my basil is finally growing! I got a little seedling from an art installation in Fletcher Place almost two months ago and I have tried that little guy all over my yard, hoping to find a spot that made him happy.

And these guys are suddenly blooming in my yard.

Hello, friendly.