I love peonies and they're everywhere at our house. Aaron suggests that I don't bring them inside, despite my wild temptation to do so. He says the attract ants and are generally full of them. I suppose this is true. I still love them. I'm so excited for everything to crack wide open as the weather warms.

More than the peonies, though, I love my chamomile. Aaron bought it for me when we went to the garden center on Sunday. Although I know he thinks these types of things are superfluous and he has his doubts about whether I'll actually make a flourishing tea and health herb garden, I am determined. I've been studying about herbs that have beneficial effects. So far, I have oregano, peppermint and chamomile. Not related to my herb garden, we have peppers, too. My thyme that I tried to start from seed failed, since they got leggy for lack of light when it was still too cold to put them out.

We have a raised bed by the outdoor fireplace. It's had two useless yews in it, which I'm planning to pull, so I can plant my garden in them. That will be perfect. Just out the back door by my kitchen. Raised. Not in the way, if Aaron ever wants to put a deck out there. Provided, of course, that spot gets enough Sun - if anywhere in our little shady grove does, that place probably does.

I'm wondering, though, if I should wait until we paint the brick. Hopefully this happens sooner than later. Soon, it won't be that strange pink brick, but white or maybe grey. <3 I'm so ready for things to go forward.