Fight for what you love.

Otherwise, it will get carried away on a current of time, or by circumstance and distance. It will get overgrown by the thorns of pride. It will be overshadowed by self.

Fight for who you love. Fight for love.

Fight for love, when you aren't getting what you want or even what you need.

When things end and make love seem treacherous, full of fatal possibility, then be brave and fight. Fight more, for what you love.

In the quiet when you feel the threads of bitterness begin to sew your heart shut, bitterness at being denied what everyone else seems easily given, fight to love.

When you'd be crazy to fight for love, become a madman, become a wild madman and do not be told love isn't worth it.

After being rejected, become accepting. Fight to love.

And know, just because real love is unconditional, that doesn't make it free and it doesn't make it easy.

There is a difference between "freely given" and "unconditionally given". One means given at no cost and the other means given despite the cost.

When it costs you everything, love.