Last Saturday we celebrated the 8th annual Cookie Day, which I count a success. Kelsey and Angela, The Kristi/ens, Tara, and the cutest herd of babies you've ever seen congregated at my house throughout the day.

It was our first Cookie Day at the growing house.  Aaron teases me, whenever we've thought about a new place to live, when we walk through a listing while it's still cold and dark or full of someone else's smells and sentiments, Aaron will say "What do you think? Can you imagine cookie day here?". And with this house, I could. Since we bought this home, over a year ago, in my imagination I've wistfully pictured what it might be like. To my delight, it was as nice as I had hoped. There was room for everyone, a table we could project around and a visiting bench in the kitchen, where cookbooks were read, and company was kept. We had cinnamon rolls and coffee in the morning followed by baking and Christmas Card-ing. Kelsey brought pomegranate and mango for us all to munch, until the afternoon, when we sat down for warm roasted butternut & quinoa salad and games. 

Kelsey and I held down the cookie part of the tradition. I managed to whip up a batch of AP friendly no-bakes and she made her multi-layer bars and the most delicious ginger molasses cookies I've ever had.

Kristen brought her Christmas cards, the biggest pile I've ever seen, and wrote them all.

Kristin worked on editing senior photos, Tara lesson planned, Angela art-ed. And we had a surprise attendee, AP, whose Cookie Day Project was baby whisperer extraordinaire.

One of the moments that made my heart the happiest was this one. While I made some stew for dinner, these two girls sat on the visiting bench in the kitchen, reading cookbooks and keeping me company. From Kelsey, this is always a treat. But I found it especially perfect that tiny little Ellie sat contentedly reading cookbooks the whole time, too. A true cookie day girl.

We wrapped our evening up with big bowls of stew and a drive downtown to see the lights.

I'd wanted to do so many fun things for cookie day, this year. Almost none of them got done. Like most years, I tell myself Okay, next year. But what I love about these girls is the way they just come, and for the day, laughing around the table, playing on the floor with the babies, sharing utensils and bowls and passing the vanilla in the kitchen, for one whole day, it's not my home, it's ours, and we are the family that lives there. Working together on making things special for the ones we love; spending time. Each of them has my heart and always will. Every cookie day Alumna does, really.

Thank you, sisters, for making up the best parts of this tradition and see you next year, when maybe I'll get to my list. ;)