#WeAreMultiply Project, Day 3; my view

So, why did I pick to dive into this project? Well, there were some really neat opportunities to use what I already do (Guiding design projects, photography, writing) but to learn some new elements as well (videography, studio shooting vs. my usual natural light, Premier Pro)

So that's cool, but what's cooler is;

Why Multiply....Multiplies. My favorite highlights so far;

1. Company formed as a guy in a closet, trying to find a way to leave that role better than he found it. He didn't care that it was widely considered unimportant work. In his humility, he just wanted to serve - he treated it like it was his own business.

2. His approach and wild talent for finding opportunities, often in the overlooked, led to taking what had been a part time job and turning it into a four person full time sub-department.

3. Then, out of a brotherhood in a bible-study, 2.0 was born, with a mission to give first. In fact, their first major decision was to commit to giving 10% of net profits. One quarter to children, one quarter to poverty alleviation, one quarter to prisoners and one quarter to donating technology. In the one year and one week since 2.0 launched, the company has been able to give to the following organizations;

  • School on Wheels
  • 826 Valencia
  • Samaritan Ministries
  • Trusted Mentors
  • Nextech
  • Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company

Plus, 52 computers were donated, both locally and to meet needs in locations like South Africa and Nicaragua. Some of the donated computers served foster children in Michigan and some went to community leaders here at home.

How do you not want to help a company who wants to keep their doors open so they can 1. keep the family (the team) together through employment and 2. Want the business to go so the giving can grow!

Geez. So duh, of course I want to be a part. Plus, given the projects they're needing help with, it's a great opportunity for me to learn some things.