Two years ago today is when I originally wrote the post below. Part of a post-cards from nowhere series, wherein I just published random reports from life, this one never got published and sat in drafts. How funny to think of the different set of circumstances then.

Dear Russian Pirates, As you're sailing the high seas of the interwebs, selecting which vessels to attack, please heed my request for parlay. Pick on the ones with big fleets who, if one small ship is lost to your plundering, don't lose their entire scope of effort. Don't pick on the ones who have a single, earnest captain, putting honest, fearless oars into the water!  (Note: If attempting to extrapolate meaning from this post, it's not tough. Russian hackers attacked my husband's web business. No. I'm not kidding.)

Dear Captain, I'd sail on your ship any day. I'd be happy with swabbin the deck, hoisting the rigging or tacking the jib, come pirates, deep seas, storms, large squid, or other ominous whathaveyous. Just for the charm of being your lass and getting to travel the waters with you.