Dear Hormones, let me just say, last week was horrendous. Lets not do that again.

Dear Church, remember how in Acts the people met in homes and pooled resources to meet the needs of those in their community and Jesus traveled around, teaching on hillsides and from a boat - basically in the places where the people already were? I was thinking; how awesome it would be if we all did that for a change, instead of spending money on giant buildings and lighting and stuff. I'm hungry for something more.What do you say?

Dear Patagonia, I really want to see you.

Dear Husband-Love, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy it that you always call me when you're on your way home from being out. I love it that you're excited enough to share with me that you don't wait until you've driven home, you call right away. And you always do. You never forget. This makes me feel loved and also I really enjoy hearing about how your stuff went. As always, I'm so proud of you.