In the first quarter of 2012 AP and I did exclusively raw foods and juicing for our meals. It was marvelous and once we overcame the first 10 or so days (in which we were miserable and cranky) we both felt remarkably better.

At the time I was juicing and then blending. Every time I made a batch I was trying to make crazy amounts at once, but it seemed like no matter how muh I crammed into the blender, a batch would only last us one serving each. And so, inevitably I'd be back in the kitchen a couple of hours later to make more. The amount of time I was spending to keep up with the volume we needed to consume became prohibitive to maintain the habit in the long run.

So, life did what life does and we moved away from that pattern.

But we missed it. Missed feeling that good. We have often talked fondly about trying to "get back" to that, a thought which I have regarded with equal parts longing and loathing. If only there were a simpler way to get the same results.

As I've been caring for my father, I've started to feel very strongly that there isn't any reason that is worth overlooking a healthy diet. All the same, knowing that doesn't magically provide me with more hours in the day. So I gave some concentrated thought to this issue. What I finally settled on was that maybe if I wasn't the only one responsible for making smoothies, or if I could portion out ingredients in advance batches, perhaps it would be more do-able.

I know there are lots of solutions available out there, like Magic Bullet, but for starters, I just wanted to see if this idea would work for my family. No sense in spending a bunch of money if we're not actually going to use the system, or if the man finds it too cumbersome to actually make his own juice if I'm not home. So I bought a very inexpensive Oster Individual Blender (He affectionately calls it "The Oyster") and some little tuppers and portioned out juice ingredients. And it was actually quite a hit. The big downside is that neither of us really care for drinking out of plastic. However, my solver husband went on youtube and found that most blender bases will screw on to a ball jar. And that has ended up being the winning solution. I bought a standard blender and a set of ball jars - I even found lids and straws that are made for the ball jars. Now I portion all of my fruits and vegetables into the jars and put them in the fridge. All we add is a little yogurt and agave, or sometimes carrot juice or almond milk, depending on the recipe, and some ice and blend. It's easy and healthy and so delicious.

This week I've been making what I'm calling a Pina Colada smoothie, with pineapple, apple, banana, coconut oil, coconut yogurt, a few blueberries, a strawberry and some greens! It's so delicious and luxurious.