Dear Windows, Its nice to see you open again. I like the things you let in this time of year such as; the sound of the neighbor's wind chimes, the warm wind and not-bugs.
Dear Just-Washed Sheets, you're one of my favorite things ever. I love the way you smell and how I always sleep better the first night you're washed. You remind me of Spring no matter the season.

Dear dinner tonight, You and I just made an amazing team. It was like Fred and Ginger, Marilyn and Joe, Laverne and Shirley...That slightly spicy chicken paprikash with carmelized onions was so moist and flavorful. And the spinach salad with almonds, red onions, cheddar and the maple balsamic truffle oil dressing...whoa. Plus, the combo of the spicy chicken and the sweet dressing just...worked. And the fact that we did it with entirely healthful ingredients? Whole. New. Level. #gourmetgettinit

Dear Two Workouts Per Day, I know you're not sustainable in the long term, but since I'm going back to dance and I'm really tired of plodding along toward my goals, I think it's time that you and I just became close, you know? Like, we're going to hang out a lot for a while. You, me, the running shoes and those 10 lb weights over there.

Dear Professor, I'm so thankful for what you do for us. You are the one who does the really daring parts, the one who does the hardest parts and you are the one who finds us the most exciting, game changing opportunities. I'm very excited to see where we go next, how our home goals play out. Once we have the house settled, I think our next big goal needs to be travel. Romania, Patagonia, Ecuador, Italy, Ireland, Africa, Rapa Nui...what do you say? <3