The decade of my 20's has come and gone. I have said more than once about this upcoming milestone that I I feel the same about turning 30 as I do about dying. I'm not looking forward to actually crossing the threshold, but I'm pretty enthusiastic for what comes after. My mother always said that her 30's were her favorite decade. She said she felt the best about herself in her 30's. I'm hopeful that it will be the same for me. 

So, holding that idea like a rope, I'm jumping tonight. Here are some things I've thought of, about what my 20's represented to me and how I hope to grow in my 30's. 

In my 20's I found my voice and with it I made a lot of noise.
In my 30's I hope to learn to say something worthwhile

In my 20's I met the love of my life and we spent years blowing in the wind and grafting together, once two trees, now one.
In my 30's He and I are going to put down roots.

In my 20's I lost my mother
In my 30's I hope to become a mother. Hopefully one half as good as the one I miss.

In my 20's I crossed the threshold of discipline
In my 30's I hope to buy some curtains and a bed and make it my home, the place I stay, rather than the one I visit.

In my 20's I did some very creative stuff. When I felt like it.
In my 30's I want to do some even more creative stuff because I decided to and then I took the time to develop mastery and do it well. 

In my 20's I thought being lost and aimless was a romantic notion, that it meant I was spontaneous and free spirited.
In my 30's I know that being aimless only means that I can do nothing to help those who desperately wish to be found.

My 20's was a roller coaster, a lot of highs and lows and you get off at the same place that you get on.
My 30's will be a road trip. No less an adventure, but a little more even keel, with a lot more purpose and a true destination.

In my 20's I did a lot of failing forward. For a long time I thought it meant I was doing things wrong.
In my 30's, I'll do a lot of failing forward. Because now I know that's the only way to get anywhere with any shred of humility, intelligence, or compassion.

In my 20's the "beginning" was always the most exciting part, never ashamed to love ‘em and leave ‘em.
In my 30’s There’ll be less starting over. I’ll be become a finisher

In my 20’s I drummed up a lot of ideas, I imagined and wrestled and tried hard to learn.
In my 30’s I’ll be putting some feet to those ideas. I’m going to make them go. 

In my 20’s everything was about more. I needed to do more, say more, have more, be more.
In my 30’s I’ll appreciate enough and even come to embrace less. 

In my 20’s I traveled.
In my 30’s I hope to travel.

So, here’s to you, 20’s. You were at lot of things, but good to me was one of those things and not the least of them, by far.